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Van-Sheen is committed to complying with local and international regulations governing wiring devices industry and the businesses. Below you will find policies that affirm these commitments.
Quality Policy

We advocate innovation, but we never change commitment to quality.

Provide products and services that meet requirements, are delivered on time, and are priced to provide superior value. Van-Sheen is totally committed in its efforts to meet this quality standard by developing its activities based on the following Quality Principles. Render our customers by offering products and services which meet their needs.

  • Give quick and sound answers to questions and complaints from customers and comply with given deadlines.
  • Train and encourage our employees to better perform their duties and offer all of them the opportunity to make progress inside the Company.
  • Adopt and develop simple and efficient working methods and improve them continuously.
  • Do it right the first time to avoid wasting time and material. This results in cost reduction and increase in profitability
  • Adopt a preventive posture to eliminate the cause of problems.
  • Regard our suppliers as partners and also contribute in the development of their standards of quality.
  • Improve quality of life by keeping a clean, neat and safe working place and preserving the environment and natural resources.

Safety Standards Compliance.

  • UL/CUL CSA standards Compliance
  • NEC(2008) code Compliance

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